Power Up USB Wall Adapter

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This compact and sleek power adapter lets you charge your iPhone, wherever and whenever.

A new way to charge your devices, this unique design makes it easy to get more power on the go. With its slim profile, this wall charger is small enough to easily carry in your pocket or bag.

Why get yours?

USB powered: Keep your USB powered device running strong with this compact adapter. This handy and compact charger is ideal for charging your devices around the house or office.
Fast charging: This Power Up USB wall charger can charge all of today’s power hungry devices, including the latest smartphone models in no time with this fast charging adapter, which charges phones faster than other adapters.
Lightweight and portable: Power Up is a compact, thin wall adapter that adds a convenient outlet near your bedside or workspace. It’s small enough to travel with you anywhere and because it takes up less space on a countertop than a standard outlet cover.
4 USB port: The Power Up USB Wall Adapter is like no other. With four USB ports, you can share with your friends or family -- or charge multiple items at once time.

It’s about time you stopped spending your days tethered to a power outlet. We pride ourselves on making you the most versatile and reliable power adapter on the market.

What are you waiting for? Power up your devices easily anywhere everywhere! Grab yours ASAP!

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