Aux Bluetooth Adapter Dongle Cable For Car

Designer: Bluetooth Galaxy

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  • Bluetooth version 5.0 is adopted, which has better compatibility, stability, and response speed than the previous version
  • Compared with FM Bluetooth transmitter, the signal transmission through the aux port is more stable, faster, and Bluetooth connection is simpler (because FM Bluetooth transmitter is a mobile phone connected to the transmitter through Bluetooth, and then the transmitter is connected to the speaker equipment in the car through FM FM, among which there are more transfers, and FM is easy to be interfered by radio waves. This is a mobile phone with a Bluetooth connection to the receiver. The receiver is directly connected to the audio device through the wire, so the transmission signal will be better and the connection will be easier)
  • Compared with the need for a 3.5mm adapter to connect to the Bluetooth adapter, the adapter is easy to lose. This one has a 1.2m spring line, which is easy to store and use (the spring is not stretched for 45cm)
  • Support hands-free communication and release hands to make driving safer. Built-in high definition noise reduction microphone, clear and echo-free calls
  • Barrier-free straight line 10 m transmission
  • USB direct power supply, no need to worry about power shortage and battery life
  • Gold plated 3.5mm plug, not afraid of oxidation, better sound quality
  • Memory connection. After the first connection, it can be automatically paired and connected after the next boot2

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