Ninth World Bathroom Shower Head

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Turn your shower into an entertaining place with this Ninth World Bathroom Shower Head!

The Ninth World Bathroom Shower Head is designed to make your shower a lot more fun! Connects wirelessly to all Bluetooth devices, allowing you to stream music or answer phone calls through your shower.

Why get yours?

Built-in Bluetooth: Get ready for all the benefits of listening to music in your shower. This innovative showerhead features built-in Bluetooth, is detachable for easy storage, and is waterproof. Enjoy your favorite songs wherever you want them most.
Unique shower experience: Liberate yourself from your phone in the shower with our Bluetooth showerhead. This Bluetooth speaker is equipped with easy access control buttons to pause and play music, audiobooks, or answer calls, plus a built-in microphone so you don't ever have to struggle to hear someone over the sound of running water.
High-quality material: This ergonomic shower head is designed to reduce water pressure and save water, improving your bathing experience. It is crafted from rust-resistant ABS materials and features Bluetooth capabilities that enable you to listen to your favorite jams or podcasts while you wash away the stresses of the day.
Easy installation: Hooked up in minutes. It’s easy to set up, so you don’t have to worry about the plumbing. No matter the size of your bathroom, this fits perfectly. It works with most shower faucets.
Rechargeable: The waterproof wireless Bluetooth shower head is designed with modern technology to bring convenience to your life. Built-in Li-Ion 1100mAh rechargeable battery guarantees up to 12 hours continuous playing, 33 feet wireless connection distance, and recharge within 3-4 hours. 

Experience a shower like never before! Featuring the easy-to-clean mineral deposit prevention soft rubber nozzles and ABS engineering grade plastic body, Bluetooth showerheads offer an easy life to users.

Skip your typical bathing routine by getting this one-of-a-kind Ninth World Bathroom Shower Head!

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