Rechargeable Smart Keyless Fingerprint Lock

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Keeping your space and valuables safe and secure has just become digital!

Introducing our Rechargeable Smart Keyless Fingerprint Lock that helps get rid of the troubles of losing keys or forgetting passwords. Let your fingerprint be the key to your important items!

Why get yours?

Smart lock: Put an end to the keys and bulky combinations with this smart fingerprint lock! In contrast to traditional locks or passwords that are easy to crack, this fingerprint lock protects your locker, drawer from virtually anything and everything, and can be accessed by you only!
Multiple fingerprints: This is a lock you can use for both your personal and family use! Let your kids or family members enjoy effortless entry into the house with the touch of a finger. With up to 10 fingerprints you can easily differentiate between everyone in your family!
Sturdy Construction: Featuring a seamless aluminum alloy metal construction and a high-quality stainless steel shackle, this lock protects your cabinet or gym, or school locker against thieves by preventing them from prying, smashing, or cutting it.
Rechargeable and wide usage: Smart fingerprint locks are ideal for protecting things both indoors and outdoors, including school lockers, gym lockers, luggage, doors, chests, suitcases, drawers, fences, bags, backpacks, bikes, and etc. A single charge of the USB rechargeable 180mAh lithium battery can support up to 6 months or 1000 unlocks.  

Keep your valuables safe without worrying about keys, with this latest 'touch' technology. It’s the one-of-a-kind lock made of waterproof grade which is both dust and water-resistant. What's more? In addition to unlocking this lock with your fingerprint, it can also be unlocked with an app (Lucklock app) on your smartphone!

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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