Hollywood Dimmable Vanity Mirror Light Bulbs

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  • Create your own vanity mirror with the Hollywood Dimmable Vanity Mirror Light Bulbs. These bulbs give you the leisure to create your own vanity mirror without having to spend money on an actual vanity mirror. You can create the vanity mirror look with these lights simply with any mirror. 
  • The maximum distance between the two bulbs is about 33 cm, which makes it suitable for most mirrors. Adjust the length of the wire, the minimum distance between the two bulbs can be shortened to about 1.7cm, if you think it is too closed, you can lengthen it according to your needs, very easy to operate.
  • The most important thing is that the excess wires are hidden in the bulb so this'll create a tidy and effortless look. 
  • DC 12V input voltage, safe to use. Good heat dissipation effect, energy-saving, and long service life. Soft light, high luminous efficiency, no heat radiation, no flicker, no spots, protect eyes and provide professional lighting for makeup. It can be used for makeup, fill light, decoration, mirror decoration lights, stage decoration lights, cabinet decoration lights, studio decoration lights, and etc.
  • Material: PC
  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Power: 8W / 12W / 16W / 20W
  • Light Color: Nature White
  • Color Temperature: (3500-5500K)
  • Plug: USB Port
  • Bulb Size: 3.2cm X 4cm X 4.8cm
  • Number of Bulbs: 2pcs/ 6pcs/ 10pcs/ 14pcs
  • Distance Between 2 Bulbs: Approx 33cm
  • Dimmable: Stepless Dimmable

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