Rainbow Apple AirTag Keychain

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Protect your AirTag from anything and everything! Protect it from dust, bumps, and scratches with this Rainbow Apple AirTag Keychain! It’s a fun and innovative way to keep a hold of your most prized possession!

Made of genuine leather that gives a luxurious feel and ensures a perfect fit. Equipped with an automatic spring buckle, it assembles and disassembles with one touch!

Why get yours?

Compatible with Apple Aitrtags: Designed to keep your Airtag close, our Rainbow Keychain is both durable and comfortable for everyday use. It comes with a handy keychain attachment, letting you take your Airtags wherever you go.
Durable and quality material: The Rainbow Apple AirTag Keychain is perfect to catch attention and also be useful. A strong button buckle and comfortable 100% PU Leather material make it durable and fashionable.
Safe and anti-lost design: There's always something getting lost around the house, but not with Apple AirTags. Our Rainbows Apple AirTag Keychain has a carabiner that allows you to hang the tag on a stroller or a bag so you can keep track of the things you love.
Full-protection: The Rainbow AirTag Keychain is a simple way to protect your AirTag from bumps and falls. It doesn’t add any bulk, but your air tag will always stay with you. Protective holes that don’t affect the signal transmission, plus a soft silicone surface make this keychain a friend to your Airtag.

Say “hello” to your family and friends with a tap of your Apple AirTag Keychain. Keep your AirTag safe, protected, and secure every time! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours ASAP!

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