15W Magnetic Wireless Charger For iPhone

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Are you tired of fighting with your phone to plug it in? Worry not! Now you can charge your iPhone on a 15W Magnetic Wireless Charger without the hassle of plugging a cable into the wall.

This Magnetic Wireless Charger is a 15 Watt high-efficiency charger which enables you to charge your phone wirelessly. It will charge your phone faster than a standard wired charger!

Why get yours?

Fast wireless charger: You’ll never have to worry about a dead phone battery again because its 15-watt wireless charging allows your device to charge quickly and easily. It charges faster with higher energy conversion than traditional wireless chargers.
High sensitivity: You’re always prepared, thanks to our high sensing range of wireless charging. You can enjoy fast charging while you use protective phone cases without the need to remove them.
Practical and convenient: This wireless phone charger is a multifunctional device that combines an ultra-powerful magnet that can hold your mobile phones securely in place while charging making it convenient and practical.
Low signal interference: Â The wireless charging platform that supports iPhone includes a stable 5G frequency voltage controller to avoid signal interference and provide fast charging.

Tether your iPhone to the Magnetic Wireless Charger and get up to 15W of fast wireless charging. With full alignment, magnets attach your device directly to the charger for convenient charging without having to fuss with cords.

So what are you waiting for? Order one for your iPhone today!

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