Kid Animal Wireless Bluetooth Headband

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Get your kids moving and grooving with the Kid Animal Wireless Headband! This lightweight, colorful, and comfortable headband is fitted with ear pads that immerse your little ones in music as they run, jump, and play.

Infused with animal-inspired patterns, these headphones are fun to wear, colorful, and feature embedded speakers. They provide excellent sound quality for listening to music, watching videos, making voice calls, and much more.

Why get yours?

Cute headband: This headband is cute and perfect for your little one. The headphones are made with great quality and are durable enough for adults or kids. As an added bonus, they are wireless which means you won't be dragged down by your child's headphones when they break loose to run off. 

Excellent sound quality: Let your kid discover the freedom and exhilaration of wireless music. These super thin wireless headphones are powerful and comfortable enough to wear for hours. The speakers provide exceptional sound quality, while staying in tune with the latest fashions.

Convenient: These headphones are kid-friendly. They are built to withstand drops and tugs, but also designed with kids in mind. The wireless headphones are removable, making them easy to wash after playground play.

Versatile: This wireless headband will encourage children to enjoy music in a whole new way. Great for road trips, commuting, or just hanging out, these wireless headphones encourage even your youngest music lovers to get moving!

Featuring cute animal design, the Kid’s Wireless Bluetooth Headband is the ideal solution for children needing to keep entertained while traveling, or for those that just want to listen to their favorite music without any constraints. 

Made with 100% polar fleece, our Kid Animal Wireless Bluetooth Headband will keep your little ones warm and comfortable.

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