Wireless Handsfree Audio Car Bluetooth Transmitter

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Hook up this Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter to your phone and play your favorite music over your car’s speakers, enjoy hands-free calling or simply power up your phone!

No cables. No hassle. No installation. Works with any car, any Bluetooth device. Your Bluetooth phone, iPod, and more – all wirelessly connected. A must for driving hands-free.

Why get yours?

Hands-free car kit: Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology, this car audio transmitter allows for more reliable connections with faster speeds, stronger signal strength, and a longer working range.
High-performance: A built-in microphone allows you to easily answer calls without touching your phone. The noise suppression technology prevents any background noise from interfering with your conversation, so you always sound crystal clear.
Experience your favorite music: Let your favorite songs fill the car as you drive. Innovative car audio transmitter, enabling drivers to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, music, and more from their phone through the car's Bluetooth-enabled stereo system.
Widely compatible: Connecting any MP3 player, iPhone, Galaxy Note, or other cell phones to portable radios, home theater receivers, cars, and trucks, you can enjoy songs anytime anywhere. Just plug the transmitter into your cigarette lighter, then play any of your favorite music with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or media player.

Open your door to the world of handsfree driving with the Wireless Handsfree Audio Car Bluetooth Transmitter. This kit is easy to install and allows you to play your music, take calls wirelessly on your car speakers while keeping your hands on the wheel.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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